It  is the busy season.  We have more bikes in here than we can comfortably hold.  Which is a good thing, unless we need to show somebody our light display, which is buried.


The great outdoors display.


New bikes, repair bikes, new bikes in boxes.


Bikes, bikes, bikes.  Bikes in front of bikes under hanging bikes.  Cody working on bike.


New bikes on display, repair bikes under hanging bikes*, used bikes to be repaired hiding behind.


Burley trailer up top, overlooking it all.  And good friend D.P. stopped in to show off his Surly Cross Check.


We hooked him up with the frameset, he supplied the nice parts.


Our happy little shop sticker amongst Phil Wood hubs and BB?  We have arrived!

* The Trek Bike from our previous post hanging, sadly last night’s aggro test ride indicated that a new cassette is required, and we don’t have such a racy little number as it requires in stock, so it will be ready for some lucky roadie next week.