Cody and I feel as if we are living the dream.  The dream varies, of course, from person to person.  This is ours.  The kind of dream where you can rejoice at finding a big bundle of files at a consignment store for $15.00.  Score!  We got so much stuff we had to use the Bikes at Work Trailer to get it all back to the shop.


I was going to wait until our 2 months open anniversary to thank you all for your support, but I get so giddy sometimes I just can’t wait.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help you with your bike needs, whatever they may be.

Like this gentleman.  Let’s call him Sean, because he is.  He was out for a bike ride on Saturday.


A 100 mile ride if you can believe it.  By himself.  He had wanted to do TOMRV, but could not, so he set out on SEANROV (Scenic Endurance And Naive Ride Of Victory) to enjoy a long day on the bike but still be home in time for dinner.  Sean stopped by after 92 miles and many red wing blackbird attacks, despite his scary helmet graphic designed to keep the buggers at bay.


Cody and I did our best to motivate him, while our espresso slingin’ neighbor Ben set him up with a fresh roast Macchiato and he was out the door to finish his ride, which he did.  Yay Sean!


A less emotional and more mechanical need, I got to face the headtube and tap the derailler hanger threads of this Handsome Devil.  And it got to share hook space for a time next to another devilishly good lookin’ bike, my still suffering and unbuilt (but getting closer some of the time) Ira Ryan.

Other bikes kickin’ it at the shop right now, Cody finished building up this nice flat bar Long Haul Trucker for a man who is more interested in pulling his two young daughters around town than he is in touring, but isn’t it nice to have options?  The LHT provides plenty of them.


And, blast from the past, one of them purple aluminum lugged, natural carbon main triangle, 8 speed Shimano 600 STI equipped Trek Bikes came in for us to sell!  This bike is clean enough eat off of.  American Classic seatpost, 12-21 cassette, new cables and housing all the way around, new bar tape and a purple and yellow Conti 3000 to match the frame and commemorate the Los Angeles Lakers latest NBA title in one fell swoop!


And whaddaya know, it’s just my size.  Look for this bike on the Current Used Bikes page soon, but not until I have taken on the group ride for rigorous (and decades late) field testing.