It’s a brand new month at 30th Century Bicycle World HQ, which means we switch the Your Change CAN Make A Difference Can.  The first beneficiary is the Iowa City Bike Library, and in our fledgling first weeks open you all tossed $35.50 in there!  No rounding either, that is $35.50 on the dot, unless I counted wrong.  So that money will be heading over to the BL under cover of darkness via armored bike.


And no chance of being stopped by Iowa City’s finest, this armored bike will be outfitted with a red blinky light that is also being gifted to the Bike Library.  It was one of the prizes we gave away for Bike to Work Week, but the winner already had a light and asked us to pass it along to the BL.  And so it shall be done!

This coming month the Your Change CAN Make A Difference Can will benefit the Iowa Bicycle Coalition so come on in and throw your money in there!