Sometimes I read a news story that gives me goosebumps.  Like this one, about New York City turning Times Square into a pedestrian mall.  Be sure and look at the photo slide show linked from the article, the progression of the street closing through the day is well captured.  Many of us here in Iowa City like to grumble that the ped mall needs to be expanded to include Washington St as well as Dubuque up to Iowa Ave.  Maybe one of these days we will get all organized and make a real push for it.

In local good news, a nice man brought a tandem into the shop to sell it and whaddaya know, it is just the right size for Cody and me.  He told us to give it a whirl and that is what we have been doing over the Memorial Day weekend.


It is a very nice bike, and just about ready to go for a tour right as it sits.  We took it on the Lefler’s Wine Ride last night and had a good time with it.  Cody and I did a tandem tour in Oregon a couple of years ago with Ira and had a blast.  The potential of this bike is huge, so I ask you, should we buy it?