Bikes are way cool.  One of my favorite things about them is the multitude of simple custom modifications that can be made to them to meet a specific need or purpose.  This example came in for a tuneup this week.


Kickstand not long enough?  Got a stick?  Hose clamp?  Done!


A closer look of the craftspersonship.  The stickstand is super stable and is 100% compostable (except for the hose clamps) and biodegradable but is not sold in stores.  Over the years I have also seen panniers made out of trashcans, fenders made out of tires and hangers, barends out of vice grips (not a very cost effective solution) and aero bars made out of wood.  I can’t wait to see what comes in next.

Tomorrow marks one month since we opened our doors.  It has been a great experience so far and we are finding our rythmn and looking forward to the busy cycling months ahead.  Hope to see you in the shop or out riding!