Today is our shop day closed for sanity and it feels pretty good.  It is a beautiful day, the official Bike to Work Week is over (although we respectfully remind you it never really ends) and we had a busy weekend at the shop.  The University semester ended and the streets are quieter.  Wednesday will mark one month open – Exciting!

This place has changed so much already, we are excited about the summer ahead but I as don’t have any pictures from the future here are some from last weeks Mayor’s Ride and the Friday party /  prize give away.

Some folks met at the shop before the ride for carbo-loading , storytelling and laughs.

Even with the weather induced postponement it was a good turnout.


We got our yearly photo by Donald, lookit all that hi-vis!

Cody is the best dressed shop owner in town you better believe it.

Here is our pile of stuff we gave away, except for that bike wheel and that Langster.

And then it was over.  Thanks for playing and remember, keep riding your bike where you need to go!