Cody and I have big plans for this place.  We have ideas.  You’ll see.  Some of them are already working, others have a ways to go before we can share.  Yesterday, a friend stopped in and gave us a book to read about an around the world bicycle  tour.  A loan. I tried to trade him one of our around the world bike tour books but he was having none of it.  Maybe later, he said.  So we have some books down here already and a bookshelf and we talked about our goal of having a nice reading area and being able to loan out some books, magazines,  even videos.


That’s it.  We have some Bicycle Quarterlies in there and some books on simple living, bike racing, and DIY stuff, too.  And one about some anonymously egotistical Chicago bike messenger or whatever.  You can probably run off with that one and we won’t notice or mind…

We have a few cozy chairs and a table now for your reading enjoyment.  We do have a few copies of Momentum Magazine, and our subscription should be showing up soon so you can keep up on the latest Self-Propelled People news.


And lookie there, we have a copy of the much sought after and hard to find Iowa City Edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, with local cycle commuting phenom Jason McCartney on the cover!  Keep up with his Italian exploits right here at 30th Century Bicycle!

See you on the Mayor’s Ride tonight, I won’t belabor the details any longer, you know what’s up by now.