Special guest revealed:  our QBP rep James!  We love doing business with QBP and people like James are the reason why.  When he first contacted us about meeting we mentioned the Bike to Work Week breakfast and he was excited to check it out.  So we met at the shop and rode over for pancakes and talked bikes and the business.  And family and gardening and beer and coffee.


We were going to provide a bike for him to ride but he rolled up on a Civia.  They make a couple of dreamy commuter bikes and he was riding the Hyland.

We went back to the shop after breakfast and after we wrapped up our meeting we had a very busy day.  Pedi-cabs!


Look for these beauties in downtown Iowa City this weekend, carrying folks where they want to go.

In other local celebrity news, there has been the usual slew of press coverage spurred by Bike to Work Week.  I was going to hunt it all down and link it but it has been done for me and you can find all you want to read and more right here.

The blog is maintained by Nicholas Johnson and if you don’t know who he is take a few moments to read about him.  I saw him speak at an FCC forum a few years ago on media consolidation and he was amazing.  Then I saw his writing in Bike Cult and thought wow, whadda guy!  So anyways, local celebrity for sure, and probably the only person living in Iowa City who has ever been on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Mayor’s ride tonight!  Meet at Chauncy Swan Park at 5:30 or so, we will ride to the New Pi Coralville.  Pre meet at the shop if you like, we will close a bit early so we can get there on time.  Hope to see you!