We bike to work every day.  Unless we walk or cross country ski, but those days are few and far between.  We are not alone, there are lots of people out there like us.  So Bike to Work Week is sort of ho-hum or business as usual for the year-round bike commuter.  But it can still be exciting!  Cody and I have organized some of the local events in the past few years which kept our heart rates high but now sponsoring is our thrill .  So this week we get to bike to Bike to Work Week events and just hang out.  It is fun.

Yesterday we hit the Bike Way.  Cody was interviewed for the news.  Yeah Cody!


We had great weather and a good sized group for the official ride.


The park was hopping all afternoon.  There were prizes and an ice cream truck and a gear swap and a spontaneous unicycle demonstration.  I used the Bikes at Work trailer to lug a table and chair over so while Cody worked the shop I hung out in the park and scored a saddle at the gear swap off the exec director of the IBC.


This morning was the commuter breakfast at College Green Park.  This event was my baby for 2 years and it is one of my favorite events of Bike to Work Week.  Lots of people came out and once again we had great weather.  I had a good long conversation with JCCOG planner Kris Ackerson about the Dirty Kanza 200.  He was going to do it this year but has had some knee trouble so his brother is going to take his place.  I wish him luck and if Kris does it next year I hope to be out there with him.


Today the shop is closed so we took advantage of our schedule and went to the noon-time Bicycle Friendly Forum at the Library.  The aforementioned JCCOG planner, Kris, led us through the Metro Bicycle Master Plan, which is set for final release in June.  Cody and I have been to a couple of meetings regarding the Plan and it was good to get an update.  Sharrows are coming to Iowa City!


The discussion after the presentation was good and it was nice to see 20 people or so there in the middle of the day.

Tomorrow is another commuter breakfast, this time on Melrose Avenue at Kinnick Stadium, stop by between 7 and 9 if you can.  We will be there and are bringing a special guest!  Terribly mysterious…