Yesterday we opened with a flourish!  There was a bit of nerves before.  What if nobody came?  What if too many people came?  What if the weather was grumpy?  As it turned out things were about as perfect as they could be for us.


We had a good steady flow of customers and still had a few quieter moments to be able to take a few pictures and enjoy the music.  Ira’s famous brother Dustin and company (I feel terrible, I don’t know the name of the band but that is Josh on drums and Kelly on banjo and vocals) put on a great show and the cops never came to shut it all down so that was a bonus.


We even had a Grand Opening banner!  Won’t be needing that again so if anyone out there is thinking about opening a business in the future we can hook you up.


Thanks to everyone who came in, the band for playing, Jen for the faboo cupcakes, Mauro for the photos and the bread, and Lisa for the tofu chocolate pie!

No rest for the weary now, it is big chainring ahead into Bike to Work Week.  Cody and I have done our share of organizing events over the past years, this time we are just proud sponsors and happy participants.  All week if you ride to our shop we will give you a ticket to enter you in the Friday prize drawing.

Today is The Bike Way and we will be down at College Green Park all afternoon.  Tomorrow morning breakfast and Tuesday, too.  Wednesday night is the Mayor’s ride.  We will be closing the shop a bit early that day so we can ride, some folks are going to meet here before so we can all ride over together.  Feel free to join us, the full schedule of events can be found at the official website.  Hope to see you at the events but more importantly, we hope to see you Biking To Work!