We are closed for business today, but that does not mean business is not getting done.  Cody is hard at work on our business cards and I just ordered us some bikes from Bianchi.  Yep, we are Bianchi dealers now!  We have increased our used bike stock to three with the addition of a really nice Peugeot.  These bikes are better than new, they’re used!


We were open over the weekend and had lots of folks stop in to check things out.  We have short Sunday hours so we were able to go down and check out the Criterium.  I love going to bike races and not just for the racing.  There is the heckling, of course, but the best thing is that everyone comes out and it is a great social event.   A couple of notable surprises yesterday, Dr. Bethards was passing through town and he stopped down to talk.


And did mine eyes deceive me?  Nope, Michael Fatka himself at our humble little race.  And wouldn’t you know it, he inspired Tilford to the win in the Pro/1/2 mens race.  How many times has Steve raced this crit I wonder? Michael, Cody, and I had a nice chat about fixies and Bikes at Work trailers.  I really wanted to talk to him about our new shop because his shop in Ames remains one of the coolest I have ever been in in my whole life but he was watching the racing and so were we.  Another time, great to see you at the races Michael!


I shot a couple of action shots and got this out of focus gem of our local fasties despite the helpful focusing and lighting advice of Mauro.


Mauro is a great photogropher, you can check out his photos of the day here.  He is back in town rehabbing his knee so he can continue his interupted long journey, we wish him well on that endeavour but are glad to have him back in town.

After the races we went to the Mill for food and beers with some folks and it capped a great day of bike racing.  Now I can cross update blog from my day off to-do list, time to do a tune up and build a bike or three.