And are now perched on the outside of the shop.  Every day we see our shop grow and change.  This morning we have been drilling into concrete to get those signs up.


As of yesterday we are able to accept Visa & Mastercard credit cards.  We’re sending our shop phone number out into the ether for anyone who needs to call… (319)248-1288.  Call us!  As for bold constructive criticism, lay it on us.  We can take it!

We have one used bike ready to go:


It’s the red Trek 220 sitting happily with the MASIs.  These days the previous owner is too tall for 24″ wheels and somehow too mature for the ghost flames that run along the top and down tubes.  Flames aren’t cool anymore??  That cuts deep.


This Free Spirit Brittany should be ready by the end of the day, depending on how busy we are today.  Free Spirits are in no way high-end bikes, but this one will be low-priced and practical, great for someone who is riding short distances or trying to get back into riding a bicycle after a long absence.


Steve loaded up the cargo bike for a small haul of gently used tires and wheels.  Perfect for used bike, townie action!  The keen observer will notice Steve’s spanky new Ira Ryan frame nested on top.  It is here!

In other news we’re excited for this weekend’s races.  Saturday is the Iowa City Road Race, and Sunday is the always fun Old Cap Crit.  The criterium loops around the downtown area, and fulfills my personal fantasy of seeing only bicycles and pedestrians out in the streets.  Well, except for the lead car… but that’s the only one!  We’ll be there as much as we can, and we hope to see you!