One of the best things about opening your own bike shop is that you get free stuff, like this little painting from Scott at Lucky Creature.  It will find a place to live for sure.  We have also received a bunch of stickers and a bottle of wine so far.  Thanks, gift-givers!

Today the weather is beautiful, so I am taking advantage and riding around with the big trailer getting some chores done.  First up was recycling cardboard.


Then, with an empty trailer, I rolled over the local hardware store to get some more pegboard hooks and then down to Houseworks, the local consignment superstore to browse.


That thar is a grill (for personal food cooking use), pegboard hooks, a deadbolt, cork board and six really nice plywood boxes for parts organization.  Big score on the boxes, just $7.50 for the lot!


You can also see a MASI bike box there.  It is true, we have our MASIs in.  And a Surly LHT.  We should be building them up this weekend, and getting our signs ready to go up on Monday, too.  But talking of bikes, I had an empty trailer again after dropping all that off, so I picked up a couple of used bikes for us to get ready.  Rough shape, but we can get them rolling again, and they will make fine townies.  How do you spell townie anyway?  Towney?  Does not look right…


And that is where we are.  Cody’s last day teaching is today, so she can be full-time bike shop owner, and we are opening the doors (softly) for business next Wednesday, April 22nd, at 10 am.  Earth Day never had it so good.