Today we got some more work done around the shop, faxed some things, worried over our taxes.  We got our sign permit and should have our name up so people know where we are by Monday!

Then in the afternoon Cody and I and Norbert loaded into his car and went West to a rally for cyclists rights in Des Moines.  This rally was organized by some ordinary cycling citizens who were fed up with recent Police and Prosecutorial responses to cyclists being hit by cars.  Sadly two cyclist have been hit in Central Iowa in just the past two months with little penalty to the drivers, who were badly at fault in both instances.  The rally consisted of a ride from Rasmussen’s bike shop to the State Capital, where there were a few speeches.


Townie power, you better believe it!


The mass start.  I took five photos like this as the group rolled out, an amazing turnout for two days notice.


The arrival at the Capital.  We had some Police help at busy intersections and the whole group kept moving pretty well.


The Senate was in late session and a few members came out to witness and to speak.  This is Senator Dotzler speaking, with our beloved Senator Bolkcom looking on along with (ltor) ride leader Brian Duffy, Ken Sherman, who was one of the cyclists recently hit, and local radio personality Kim West.  It was refreshingly sad to hear from Dotzler, who is a State Senator after all, that when he is out riding even he sometimes has drivers buzz him or take the time to show him he is number  one…  Yep, sometimes things can be that bad out there, whether you are a commuter, racer, elected official, or any other type of cyclist.

This situation needs changing, and I think this rally was a positive and big step in the right direction.  Lots of thanks to the organizers, all the rally riders, and to Norb for the ride over.  This was a great moment to be a part of, and we wish a speedy recovery to Doug Smith and urge you to take a moment and write your elected officials and let them know where you stand on these important issues.

Get involved, stay involved.  We will do it with you!