The tools have arrived.  If talking to it proves ineffective we can now tighten it, loosen it, true it, press it, pull it, ream it, sit near it and open a beer with it.  Whenever we get everything organized, that is.


The stands are not yet up, I have a specific way I want to bolt them to the platform and it is all coming together now so look for a fully stocked and functional repair area soon!  We have some of the railing up, we are going to string more pegboard across the front for additional display space.


As things come together we are looking towards an opening date of April 22nd.  Yep, that is Earth Day, which feels appropriate for a bike shop.  Many of you stopping by have asked what we are going to carry and we are happy to now let you all know that MASI will be in the house.  They have a great offering of steel bikes.  Townie style, cyclocross, road, even fixies if you can believe it.  Check out their website, there are some stylin’ machines on there and we are excited to bring them to town!