Leaving for the shop.  Bike loaded with supplies, flowers blooming, Ritchie watching, yard work unfinished.  The wood is for stabilizing our stands, the lard bucket for a trash bin.


Another load of cardboard to recycle with the BAW trailer.  Every time I take this out I get a comment, yesterday it was, “That looks just like a tractor / trailer!”  Yer durn tootin’ it does, but better!

I hope that by getting this thing out often we can help raise the awareness of what can be done by bicycle – whether by cargo bike, extra cycle, kids trailer, or even just front / rear rack and basket use.  When I (Steve) went to school in Ames, these were all over, because they are made there and the manufacturer was running a local delivery business with them, too.  There should be more in Iowa City!  And everywhere!


We got our vise!  WILTON quality.  A sassy little red number.  We tried really hard to find a vise made in the usa but we failed.  Sorry.  We decided which bench would be whose yesterday, too.  That was a tough one but we worked it out.   Things feel like they are moving pretty fast now, our tools are in the mail and we are going to get to work on our signage so people know where we are.