It has been just 2 weeks since the Monday when we signed our lease and got to work making our bike shop a reality that is stocked and open and able to fix your flat tire for you.  Most days things have progressed steadily, but last Monday and this, things have seemed to stall.  I don’t even remember what was going on last Monday, but I remember it gave me a headache.  Today I can vividly remember the headache was plumbing related.


Whatever sink used to be there was long gone when we moved in, just a drain sticking out of the wall and a spigot.  Our ReStore bought sink looks great, and while the drain has come together reasonably well, getting water to the faucet has been a pain.  I figured there would be some kind of kit, but this must be a rare set up we are attempting.  Anyone out there with fitting advice I will take it!

While the sink stinks and sinks lower on the priority list, the repair area is coming together!


Benches, pegboard, wheels hanging up, what else could you want?  Repair stands, good point, and a railing would be a good idea, and some tools?  Patience.


We do have the Huffy repair station ready to go in the parking lot.  Wonder how it would work on a sink?