Our Bikes at Work trailer is assembled, and already put to good use, too!  Mayhap a longer rig than a tandem with kids trailer?  This piece of equipment will be invaluable to our shop.


I rolled out to the ReStore to see about what sort of salvaged goods might make our shop space more shop like.  I took the scenic route so if the just assembled trailer fell apart or caught fire I could deal with it in a more private setting.  A nice man asked me what I would use something like that for, meaning the empty trailer.  I said moving whatever I have that needs moving, like a refrigerator.  He was impressed, I assume.


At the ReStore I found a place to park and got to shopping.  A sink was on the list, and a countertop.




It loaded up nicely and I headed for home.


On the road action shots!  While the trailer can carry about anything you can throw at it, I still find a basket handy for some items..


Stay tuned for more hauling escapades, if you are moving large stuff by bike let us know about it!