Busy day at 30th Century Bicycle World HQ.  Got some building done, bought a mailbox.  Lots of friends stopped by.  Senator Joe Bolkcom who ably serves the people of Iowa’s Senate District 39, where Cody and I live, captained his Jack Taylor tandem down to see us.  That is Nathan stoking that fine ride and ol’ B.L. Loring himself following on one of his usual beautiful tall steel touring rigs.  Nice jerseys!


A brief visit as the were eager and anxious to put this beast through its paces.  Joe and Nathan eager because they were on it, B.L. Loring anxious because he had built it up and this was it’s first test.


A while later another tandem came through, this one with the Eppens on it.


They were out for a go with Heath, who was back in town for Spring Break.  He was not sideways, but I am tired and forgot to rotate the pic before upload and I want to go to bed so just turn your head.  Please.


Our Bikes at Work trailer showed up today!  Much earlier than promised, this is good.


Good packing there.  And I look forward on catching up on the Ames news, too.  Brian was the next friend through the door.  He was also not sideways.  Brian had stopped in earlier after the College Green ride, and had come back to help hammer nails.  Much thanks to Brian!  And congratulations, too, he and Robin just got married.  Look how happy!


As Brian and I were measuring and cutting and screwing and pounding another tandem snuck in the door!  Jodi Gorsch and family this time, the longest rig of the day for sure.


After the work was done and the Sierra Nevada Torpedoes had been fired, a couple more fine examples of the modern cyclist stopped in, Joe and David.  We were out of beer already but had some good conversation before closing up shop for the night.


We won’t be posting pictures of every person that ever stops in.  Don’t worry.