It has been a busy couple of days.  Filling out forms, returning library books, faxing documents, phones ringing all day, returned and resent mail, we even drove a little truck around town.


Our shop will be car free, and we have ordered a Bikes at Work trailer (the 8 footer, of course) to handle chores bigger than our cargo bike can handle, but it will be another week or so to get it.  Hauling this much lumber by bike would have been tough anyway, so we borrowed a truck and a big chore is done, we can start building benches.

Everyone we talk to wants to know what bikes we are going to carry and we are still working that out but for sure we will have used bikes and we are going to stock Surly’s, too.  We will let you know as we line up other brands.

Our space boasts an impressive door, and we have ordered big glass panels for it so when it is closed we can look out at you while you look in at us.  It will be installed by the end of the month.


Even without the panels, though, when the weather is nice we will put the door up and you can ride your bike right in to see us.  The space needs some work, oh yes, but things are moving along nicely.